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Here is what some people are saying about Cake It! Bakery Cake Balls:

"The cake balls were out of this world. We would like to order some more. Does your Cousin have a website or a brochure?  Seriously, I've rarely tasted any cakes (or candies) as spectacular. WE WANT MORE ! "

BOOM!!!  ~ (Sent in by Bernadette, Brooklyn, NY)

What a wonderful surprise I got when Fed Ex dropped off a yummy box of beautiful candies with cake inside!!! What a great idea and the presentation was wonderful. Thank you for thinking of me. And I do look forward to you guys coming this way sometime........Maureen

~ (Posted on FB by Maureen, CA)

"Cake Balls. Birthday - good. Cookies and Cream - delicious. Snowy Devils - WONDERMOUS. Thank you." ~ Gloria

"Not only a fantastic birthday gift to someone, but my giver surprised ME with a wonderful box from Cake It! Each one is melt in your mouth tasty!! WOW!" ~ Terry

"They are awesome!" ~ Barb

"I bought the Raspberry Chocolate Cake Balls today and they are A-MAZING!" ~ Erin of Fort Worth, Tx

"Just bought some today! Amazing!" ~ Marta of Fort Worth, Tx.

"Tried 1 of each flavor, all were great! Carrot cake has my vote for best." ~ Eric of Fort Worth, Tx.


  1. I love this business! And I love that I just got to send the gift of cake balls to family and friends in far away places. What's better than cake in the mail? I'm so glad you're doing this and wish you loads and loads of continued success. \(^-^)/

  2. My two daughter's and myself received cake ball's on Valentines Day. Presentation beautiful, they are fresh and extremely addicting. I made myself a little ill and so did my oldest daughter. :) We absolutely loved them!
    Brandi, Tayler & Morgan

  3. Absolutely wonderful.. I can't believe I'm admitting it but they will definately put a smile on your face.. Thank you..
    Mike- Eyeworks